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This summer, my son had the privilege to attend the Jubilee Youth Service Leadership Academy Knight Life Christian Discipleship Camp. It was nothing short of amazing and was an absolute game-changer!

The recreation center provided the ideal setting for learning, and engaging in heartfelt interactions and physical activities. The camp directors and mentors were devoted to ensuring an encouraging, spiritually enriching, and safe environment while delivering a perfectly balanced blend of fun, fellowship, and faith exploration.

Each day was meticulously planned with guest speakers and intriguing sessions aimed at understanding Christian values and knighthood more deeply. The collective Bible study, the deep dive into the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, and the discourse on faith and spirituality were insightful. The passion and clarity exhibited by the mentors instilled in our son a greater knowledge, reverence, and love for Christianity and its teachings.

The life skills activities were equally captivating. Our son learned about leadership, brotherhood, and being respectful to others, intertwined with Christian principles of empathy, and compassion. Skills like conflict resolution were taught using biblical examples, which made the learning easy to grasp and remember.

The camp was not all work and the camp leaders found a way to make learning fun. There were field trips, interactive games, and a talent show that promoted bonding among the knights in training.

Our son was blessed with newfound friendships, a deeper understanding of their faith, and impressive life skills. We have noticed more responsibility, empathy, and maturity in his demeanor, which we attribute to the camp’s dynamic learning experience.

In conclusion, the Knight Life Christian Discipleship Camp is a superb investment for any parent aiming to foster wholesome growth in their sons. It’s not just a camp; it’s a conduit for raising responsible, compassionate citizens rooted firmly in their faith. We can’t wait for next summer!

Alicia Todd

I had two boys, Laiden & Khalil Glover, attend the Knight Life Summer Camp. I am thankful that there is such a program available seeing as my boys’ father is not in their life. In his almost 3 year absence, they have really been struggling to find themselves and to find role models. Thankfully, my boys were able to join JYSLA’s 7-week intensive, intentional program. They were positioned to be poured into in so many capacities. They’ve learned how important a relationship with God is as well as had seeds planted that have created a foundation for their own personal relationships with God. They have been exposed to multiple mighty men of God and learned the importance of a man’s character, how to carry themselves, and so much more. Knight Life taught my boys that they are somebody and that they have a purpose. It taught them that they have a right to dream and pursue excellence, that they’re capable of excellence. My boys were reading their Bibles, quoting scriptures, and more. God worked in my boys and I’m excited to see all of the seeds planted come into fruition. I won’t lie and say my boys came from camp perfect angels, but the seeds have surely been planted. Instead of an aimless summer, the boys were able to participate in the camp and come out changed young men. At their promotion ceremony, I saw a bunch of young men shining in excellence. Heads were held high, they had some pep in their stride, and you can tell that those babies KNEW that they were somebody. This program isn’t just an idle thing. Every bit of it is intentional from the guests, the Creed, the scriptures, and everything else that it entailed. This program is a God-given vision to Mr. Lyn that has been birthed. I’m grateful and thankful for Mr. Lyn, Mrs. Teresa, and the rest of the staff. They showed up EVERY DAY for these kids. They could have thrown in the towel, given up, but they DIDN’T. They showed patience, love. grace, kindness, and so much more to the kids. JYSLA’s Knight LIfe Summer Camp is a literal Godsend and I thank God for positioning my boys to be a part of it this year.

Stephanie Barron

This is awesome organization. I am a single mother of three boys. I have personally seen my boys grow and become awesome young men. The members of this organization uplifts, encourages and inspire these young boys to become great young boys and great leaders. This is a organization of character, strength, hope, faith and love.I strongly recommend that if you have young boys that need guidance this is a great organization that you want them to be apart of. They have the love of God in their hearts concerning this organization and your son or sons will get to be experience that love. If you want your sons to be apart of something meaningful and life changing for you and them then I recommend you let them be apart of this youth leadership program. I am so grateful and blessed for my boys to be apart of something so life changing for them and me. I get to see them walk in strength and integrity and be confident in who they are as young men. JYLSLA rocksπŸ’ƒπŸ’žπŸ™πŸ˜˜

Kiawana Quinsey

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