Knight Life Christian Discipleship Camp

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Program Description

Knight Life Christian Discipleship Camp serves biological males ages 8 to 12. We draw our exclusive structure from the customs, traditions, legends, and the Chivalric Code of Conduct associated with the various orders of the medieval Christian institution of Knighthood depicted during the Middle Ages.

We use the imagery of a Medieval Knight figure clothed in Chain Mail, brandishing a sword, and mounted on an invincible steed, which embodies an impressive, powerful, and unique symbol of virile manhood to shadow and parallel the meticulous process of achieving Biblical manhood in our Modern-Day- Era.

What sets us apart from other agencies offering similar services is that Knight Life Christian Discipleship Camp encourages every young man in our care to acquire a vision, a cause to devote his life, set goals, develop uncompromising godly character and integrity, unwavering faith, and become a servant-style leader exemplifying a Spirit of Excellence and Biblical masculinity that will guide him to influence, impact and disciple others for the benefit of the Kingdom of God.

Embark on an exhilarating adventure at Knight Life Camp! We welcome you to a journey filled with excitement, camaraderie, and lifelong memories. Our camp is a haven for those seeking a chance to develop essential life skills. From the precision of instilling chivalry, and honing public speaking and communication skills, Knight Life Camp offers a diverse array of activities. Engage in service to others and daily living skill sessions, where you’ll learn to cook a full meal, change a tire, iron clothes, administer basic first aid, and master the art of tying a tie. Sharpen your chess skills and participate in decision-making, goal-setting, time management, critical thinking, and confidence-building exercises. Don’t miss out on this transformative experience—secure your spot now by signing up on our website at Join us in creating cherished moments and forging life skills!

Knight Life Christian Discipleship Camp is an exciting place where boys, ages 8-12, can anticipate learning practical Biblical principles and essential life skills and experience God’s transforming presence. When a young boy enters our program, he will feel just that! Acceptance and the overwhelming love of Jesus Christ as demonstrated by our team of devout male volunteers. At Knight Life, we emphasize a unique approach to shaping a boy into a godly young man of character and integrity by equipping him through a continuum of
principles and personal core values that encourage a boy to acquire A vision, A Code of Conduct, and A Cause in which to invest his life.

Knight Life is an energetic, high-quality, high-intensity, multi-component, fun-filled, and challenging 7 weeks of shared experiences, recreational activities, Chess, and much more designed to build character, leadership, and teamwork skills within a structured Christ-centered and male-focused environment.

We also teach practical principles of servant-style leadership, good moral character, integrity, and critical thinking skills in a powerful but realistic way through the lens of a Biblical worldview. From our high-quality Biblical worldview group-oriented mentoring sessions, fun-filled outdoor recreational adventure activities, and community service projects to the relevant and awe-inspiring live-action role-play( L.A.R.P. ) exercises, offer boys the opportunity to learn what they are made of and discover their personal identity within the group.

There is something here for every boy. But rather than let us tell you about it, let your child come check it out for himself! Will you join us in helping to disciple the next generation of young men to honor God and their parents, lead with integrity, disciple, and serve others?

What A Boy Can Expect

Knight-Hood Training Skills


Archery, Tug-Of-War

Physical Fitness, Chivalry

Public Speaking

Communication Skills

Service To Others

Daily Living Skills


Learning to Cook a full meal

Changing a tire

Ironing Clothes

Basic First aid skills

Tie a tie skills

Chess Skills Training



Goal Setting

Time Management

Critical Thinking

Building Confidence

A Unique & Multipurpose Summer Camp Program

For Males Ages 8 – 12

June 3, 2024 – July 27, 2024
8:00 AM – 5: 00 PM
(Monday – Friday)

5310 Colonial Oaks Dr. North • Mobile, AL 36618
A Non-Refundable Registration Fee of $50.00 (Required)
Camp Tuition: $50.00 Per Week


Knight Life Christian Discipleship Camp is an exclusive, highly structured, multi-component, Biblically grounded, Christ-centered, educational, recreational, and practical life skills training summer camp program for biological males 8 to 12. The program draws its exceptional format from the customs, traditions, and Chivalric Code of Conduct surrounding the life of medieval knights and the Order of the Christian institution of Knighthood during the Middle Ages. We believe the backdrop of a Medieval Knight figure clothed in Chain Mail, brandishing a double-edged sword, and mounted on an invincible stallion embodies an impressive, powerful, and matchless symbol of authentic masculinity to shadow and parallel the meticulous process of achieving Biblical manhood in our Modern-Day-Era.


Knight Life Christian Discipleship Camp allows boys to gather, enjoy fun-filled activities, share their experiences, and have the freedom — To Be A Boy! The primary focus of Knight Life is to help each boy in our care develop Godly character, integrity, honor, chivalry, and a servant-leader attitude based upon a Biblical worldview. We utilize dynamic tasks such as real-world scenario role-play, storytelling, and Chess as part of their training. The life principles, core values, and strict code of conduct demonstrated throughout these sessions help form an unshakeable foundation in a young boy’s quest to discover authentic manhood.

The virtues and precepts promoted as part of this program establish a foundation that enables us to foster an environment of love, trust, and freedom.

• A place where a boy can live out the true meaning of service and being a servant.
• A place where a boy learns that being a leader is not always about being out in front but carrying influence.
• A place where there is freedom of expression, creativity, and the confidence of knowing that he has value within the group.
• Most importantly, learn God’s plan and purpose for his life and how to disciple others.


What sets us apart from other agencies offering services similar to Knight Life Christian Discipleship Camp is that we fiercely foster an environment that encourages every young man in our care to develop uncompromising Godly character and integrity and an unwavering commitment to pattern his life after the principles found in Galatians 5:22-23 (Fruit of The Holy Spirit) and Ephesians 6:10-18 (God’s Spiritual Armor).

All materials covered throughout our camp are presented from a Biblical worldview, which we believe will help establish a firm foundation in a boy’s life. We are confident that our curriculum serves as a moral compass to steer a boy onto a more resilient pathway during his quest to discover his identity in Jesus and as he grows into an authentic, Godly man.