Knight Life Summer Camp


Be a part of
the bigger picture

Did you know that you can change boys’ lives with as little as a dollar? We invite you to learn more about our organization and how you can shape the lives of young boys.

We lead by three principles

1. Put God

We ask our cadets to believe in Jesus Christ, because He is the way to salvation. He is the truth and the center of life.

2. Be

We expect our cadets to treat everyone with respect, regardless of our differences. We ask our cadets to seek God’s guidance for all aspects of life, including friendships, finances, careers and relationships.

3. Do Not
Be Afraid To
Fail Big

We ask our cadets to pledge to never give up. Countless opportunities are missed because of fear or lack of confidence.

Where we began

In 2018, Lyn Lanier, Sr. founded Jubilee Youth Service and Leadership Academy (J.Y.S.L.A.) in order to transform the lives of boys throughout the city of Mobile and Baldwin County. Learn more about J.Y.S.L.A., Lyn and his team.

Our Values

Our VISION is what we desire to see come to pass.
Our MISSION is the standard we seek to meet and exceed daily.
Our VALUES clearly define who we are.

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How will you help us with our mission?