Capturing The Hearts & Minds Of Young Boys

Capturing The Hearts & Minds Of Young Boys

As parents and grandparents alike, we should desire our sons and grandsons to grow and become godly young men of good moral character, integrity, courage, compassion, and honor as God has destined them.

God has also commanded that as adults, we are responsible for instructing them. “Train up, initiate or instruct a child in the way he should go-Or, according to his practice, that is, (his bent, his leaning in that course or manner of life), that God would have him to choose or follow” (Proverbs 22:6).

Unfortunately, sometimes as parents, we are less intentional in this area than we admit. Nevertheless, we need to diligently follow scripture to ensure that we allow God’s word and Holy Spirit to capture a young boy’s heart and mind for God’s glory to eventually shine through them!

Years of research have shown that boys need men, particularly men of godly character, to teach them how to be devout young men. By nine years old, most boys know instinctively the need to be validated by a man. They need male energy poured into them. They need a man to teach them to respect and show kindness and tenderness for women. Boys need to see men exhibiting courtesy by walking on the outside of a woman while on a sidewalk. Boys should see men opening a door for a woman or others. Boys need to see men who demonstrate what it looks like to love and worship God. To live like an honorable man, A loyal friend, and a patriotic citizen. A loving father and faithful husband, a hard worker, a generous neighbor, and a faithful servant.

They also need to observe a variety of godly men mentoring and discipling them to formulate several pictures of Christian manhood.

Regardless of the so-called prescriptions issued by the media, government, and the culture’s ungodly definition of authentic manhood, we are ultimately accountable to God for our heritage (Psalm 127: 3).
Therefore, as men, we can either teach our boys to live by God’s Word or the dictates of pop culture. To live in mediocrity or be an unadulterated, honorable, courageous, and trustworthy young man willing to rise above life’s challenges acting in boldness and faith.

At Jubilee Youth Service & Leadership Academy, we promote activities that foster an environment for group mentoring and discipleship. A place where a boy can learn the importance of living out his faith. A place where he has freedom of expression, creativity, and the confidence of knowing that he has value in Jesus Christ and the group.

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